Friday, June 15, 2007

That Was Quick

Well friends, my work on this short contract is about up. I will take a break in America before finding another contract. Or maybe I’ll stay home for awhile, but right now I need a rest to see the loved ones and all that good stuff.

On the fun side, I had to take another trip into the Grey Zone. (Sorry, Maureen) Some really funny stuff happened, but I can’t tell you about it. Part of it was running into these guys. We couldn’t really speak each other’s language, but they were nice enough. Plus, they had no guns, a real bonus.

The rest of the story will have to wait, for now.

If anything interesting happens on the way home, you will know.
These guys are funny...

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Slowin' it Down

The majority of our contract here in Baghdad has been filled. We are moving people to other sites, mostly back in the US. Anyway, a new group is coming in here to armor up some Tanks soon.

Not to much new and exciting for me, although I did get to drive outside the wire to the grey zone. It’s not out in the red zone but there are no US soldiers there, only Iraqi Army. Kind of interesting.

Met a nice Iraqi girl and guy, both grew up in Baghdad. They say it is better and worse now. Before it was more peaceful but they were very very poor. Now they can make good money but the terrorists are out there.

Now, you may remember that I got to fly on a Blackhawk but forgot my camera. A friend went for a flight over Baghdad and here are two shots from his camera instead. Pretend it was me. The one above, Saddam’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier from the great Iraqi war with Iran. The other, proof of how hard it is to take a shot from a vibrating helicopter…