Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hot or Not

Australian pool at Victory
So temps hit 105 for awhile and then cool rain came in for 3 days, was that nice! But the temps have been crawling back up. Today we hit 110 and tomorrow 115 is forecast for a high. Yippee!

The good news? Well, the boys here have been chasing the little group that shot down all the helicopters back in January and got in a fight. Guess who lost? That’s right, the bad guys. The bonus? The leader of the group (now no more) was a highly wanted insurgent.

Also in Afghanistan a particularly powerful terrorist apparently master-minded an ambush on American troops. Though pinned down, the good guys held their tenuous position and when backup many hours later, the ambush was reversed. The big bad boy tried slipping away in the night but was cut down by the good guys who only noticed moving targets. The troops will receive honors for their heroic effort.

One more: in Ramadi, a formerly hot place, militarily speaking, great progress has been made. I believe they dropped from over a hundred bombs a week one month to about 7/week recently. Only 7 bombings a week--I guess that is good.

Meanwhile, it gets hotter and hotter…


Blogger kristen said...

Yay for progress. Thanks for sharing the good news.

12:01 PM PDT  
Blogger Ernest said...

You are welcome! The sad part is, I can only share a fraction of all the cool things happening here.

It simply has been the experience of a lifetime, in part, learning how the US turns deadly dictatorships into friendly and productive nations.

Yeah, I know, we're not there yet! But other times I think it is inevitable when I see the magnitude of what goes on here.

10:22 PM PDT  

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