Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Camp Slayer and...the Flintstones?

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Whew! We moved from one of the many cracking husks of a building that dot the Iraqi landscape into some nice new trailers. Including key systems in communications; I have been buried in ethernet lines, fiber cable, digging trenches, and whatnot!

Starting to catch up, I was favored by the gods (upper management) and got a hour or two to splunk around a bit. And what did I discover? Camp Slayer. Camp Slayer is beautiful. And I forgot my camera AGAIN! Fortuitously, (the coincidence uncanny) the main DA civilian that helped us do "coms" has his office right there and I borrowed his cam. Not quite as proficient as mine, it nonetheless saved the day.


Because, I’m telling you, Camp Slayer is BEAUTIFUL! Palm trees, lakes, villas, palaces, a partially sunken boat house….what’s that doing there? Anyway, it’s like stepping into a tropical paradise. Loosely speaking. But compared to the rest of this place…

Anyway, if you drive past the first building bombed in the war, turn right at the Perfume Palace, and go around the lake to the Unfinished Palace, guess, you’ll never guess where, you end up? At the Flintstone Castle.

That’s right! Now, you can’t believe everything you hear over here but word has it Saddam really had a thing for the Flintstones. Yeah, the cartoon. The AMERICAN…well anyway. Or actually, his grandkids did so he built them the Flintstone Castle here.

And I like it! It’s kinda like something you’d find at Disneyland or 6 flags, but even better because there are NO LINES and NO RULES!


It’s big, it’s fun, it’s falling apart but--I guess I’ll be a kid forever--I jumped all over it. I wandered and wondered through the rooms, ran along the passages, leaped from faux rock to façade stone, and wished the elevator still worked. Oh yeah, there are multiple floors, levels, and corridors to discover.

Iraq. Who would have guessed?

This is THE first building bombed at the beginning of "shock and awe." A Baathist Party building, it was a bad time to have a corner office with a view...

A nice little Villa, no? Si!

The Unfinished Palace. Flintstone Castle off to the left


Anonymous Nick said...


I have never seen you with long curly, flowing hair?? I must say, you now REALLY look the journalist part! Keep em comin brother...Lord bless! Nick

7:23 AM PDT  

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