Sunday, July 01, 2007

A Strange Trip Indeed

This is not IraqA park in Auburn, Alabama.

Hey! At least I made it to America! The trip back has been delayed repeatedly from Iraq, Kuwait, and now Georgia. Therefore, I enjoyed a few days in Kuwait, checked out a few malls, walked along the beach, started working on my tan, and most importantly…enjoyed a few days off, finally!! Yeah, they had me working up until my last day, until the first flight Iraq.

But when I got to the Eastern seaboard of the U.S. to finish up some business there, my luggage was lost. That’s right, airlines fault. I should have been on the beach in San Diego by now. But like I say, I’m enjoying it anyway.

I visited Alabama, no less, waiting for my luggage to be returned. Beautiful place, actually. So GREEN after the Middle East. The keep it very clean too. And there are flags and patriotic displays everywhere. And churches dot the landscape instead of mosques. And the temperature is a about 25 degrees cooler.

Yes, I think I will like it back in the US…if I can only can get all the way home.

Freedom Towers, KuwaitThese towers commemorate the freedom won for the people of Kuwait by us....Americans!

A room with a viewSweet digs in Kuwait, view of the ocean thru the huge picture window. Did I mention the pool? Yeah, if you are stranded, it's not always a bad thing.


Anonymous Nick said...

Welcome home Ernie....Again.
Glad to have you back safe and sound. Jason back home too??
Anyway, Awesome to here from you again, and enjoy your time here.....however long that me be this time, lol. Keep in Touch, Nick

1:37 AM PDT  
Blogger Ernest said...

Jason stayed on, I think I'll be around for to you later...

6:13 PM PDT  
Anonymous Matt said...

I'm thinkin' the bottom left corner of this pic is the area your witholding details on....c'mon U know U prefer it over the pool.


8:41 AM PDT  

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